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4 Ways to Tell That You Need an Eye Exam

Even if your eyes feel perfectly fine, there could be problems lurking. Sight-threatening eye diseases like macular degeneration and glaucoma have no obvious symptoms in the early stages. Skipping the

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Does Insurance Cover LASIK?

Whether you’ve received your ophthalmologist’s recommendation that LASIK is right for you or you’re just curious about the procedure, you probably have questions about costs and financing, too. Does insurance

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Are You Overusing Eye Drops?

If you find yourself constantly reaching for your eye drops, it may be time to start looking into the bigger problem: Why do you need them so often? They’re a

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Why You Keep Seeing Spots

Noticeable changes in your vision should always be taken seriously. If a clear field of vision is suddenly littered with spots or a variety of shapes, you should consult your

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