Can Computer Vision Syndrome Cause Permanent Damage?

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Computer Vision Syndrome or CVS is defined as a temporary condition from looking at a computer too long. In this day and age screens are constantly all around us, so what can we do and can CVS cause permanent damage?

Computer Vision Syndrome Symptoms

CVS is a repetitive stress injury compared to carpal tunnel syndrome because it results by overusing the same muscles. Some of the symptoms of CVS are red eyes, blurred or double vision, headaches, dizziness, etc. CVS is getting more and more common as looking at a screen continues to be the way of life and the age of when it starts continues to get younger.

Currently there is no evidence that CVS causes any long-term damage. However if these symptoms are not properly treated your work can suffer and the discomfort will continue. According to experts, computers do not emit any harmful rays to causedamage or ‘burn’ the eyes, however it can be uncomfortable if there is a glare or if the lighting of the office or computer is too bright.

Computer Vision Syndrome Treatment

Without taking breaks to rest these muscles or steps to alleviate their strain they will continue to suffer. Take steps to help decrease your eyestrain and focus effortlessly by reconfiguring where computer monitor sits, lighting, increase font size, use lubricating eye drops, etc.

It is good to see us periodically to stay on top of any changes and to help prevent more severe issues from coming up. Symptoms of CVS are going to be more intensified if you already have conditions like nearsightedness or astigmatism, so fixing one issue can also help diminish others. Most commonly we need to adjust the prescription for glasses or contacts or have a separate pair just for computer use. Let us know as soon as you are experiencing difficulty focusing or eye discomfort and we can help you on your way with happy, good eyes today!

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