LASIK Alternatives

Let’s explore alternative vision correction surgical options that may be better for you.

LASIK is Not Right for Everyone.

Unfortunately, LASIK is not the best option for everyone’s eyes. There are many reasons why this may be true. Age plays a large factor in the candidacy for LASIK. You must be over the age of 18 to receive LASIK, but most people are better candidates for LASIK when they fall between the ages of 18-45. Other reasons why LASIK may not be the right course could have to do with the shape of the eye, previous eye surgeries or other eye conditions. However, even if you are not a candidate for LASIK, you are likely a good candidate for another great vision correction option.

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Refractive Lens Exchange

Refractive Lens Exchange surgery (RLE)  is performed in a similar way as cataract surgery. During the procedure, the natural crystalline lens is removed and replaced with an Intraocular lens implant, or IOL. The only difference is that the natural crystalline lens has not developed or has not fully developed cataracts yet. After getting RLE, you will also never have to undergo cataract surgery.

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EVO ICL, also called an Implantable Collamer® Lens, is a refractive implant that is used to correct common vision issues like myopia (nearsightedness) with or without astigmatism. Unlike LASIK, the EVO ICL is an additive technology that corrects vision without the removal of any corneal tissue. This can be especially beneficial for those who are not candidates for LASIK due to thin corneas.

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