The Best Ways to Keep Your Glasses Clean

What is that cloudy smudge on my eyeglasses? Where did that dirt come from? Why are my frames sticky? How do my glasses become so dirty when they just sit on my nose all day?

It is easy, your fingers touch everything all day long. In addition to the normal oil in your skin, they can pick up dirt, lint, grease and food. Think about these common actions that you do daily.

  • Pet your dog or cat and you come away with fur and dander
  • Rub your eyes and touch your skin, tears and eyelashes
  • Prepare a meal and handle food, oil, flour and spices
  • Place your eyeglasses on top of your head and your lenses coming in contact with your hair products
  • Read a newspaper or magazine and end up with ink on your hands
  • Pick up the remote control after a sticky toddler
  • Work environment- handshakes, pushing an elevator button, your computer keyboard, working on your phone

You are continuously coming into contact with substances that can end up on your lenses. So what is the best way to get oily, dirty, sticky residue off of your lenses? Here are a few tips:

The Best Way to Clean your Eyeglasses

Do Not How-To-Keep-Your-Glasses-Clean (1)

  • Do not wipe your lenses while they are dry. Any debris on your lenses will be rubbed into the surface of your lenses and can cause a scratch.
  • Do not use window cleaner or Windex on your lenses. These cleaners contain harsh chemicals than can cause damage to your lenses.
  • Do not blow on your lenses and wipe them with your shirt, this can cause scratches to your lenses.
  • Do not use tissue, toilet paper or paper towel products, these products contain wood fibers and can scratch your lenses over time.

How to Clean Your Glasses

  • Use the cleaner and cloth provided by your Eye Care Professional. Wash your cleaning cloth periodically with soap that does not contain hand moisturizers. You may place the cloth in the washer and dryer, but take care not to use fabric softener as this will cause your lenses to smear.
  • Run your lenses under warm water and use a dish soap such as Dawn that does not contain moisturizers. Place a drop on the front and back of each lens and rub the lens in a circular motion, you can clean the frames and nose pads as well if you like. Rinse thoroughly and dry your lenses with your cleaning cloth, or a 100% cotton cloth such as a handkerchief or a piece of T-shirt.

Make this cleaning regimen part of your daily routine, for example – washing your glasses each morning as you prepare for your day. This will keep your vision clear, and your lenses scratch free.

Are you tired of keeping those glasses clean? Fill out our Vision Correction Self Evaluation and find out if you are a candidate for LASIK.

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