What Is A Cataract?

Our eyes function very much like a camera. You have two natural lenses in each eye. One lens on the surface (cornea) of your eye, and a second lens within your eye, called the crystalline lens. Together these lenses focus images inside the back of your eye on the retina. At birth, our crystalline lens is clear. As we begin to age, it yellows and begins to harden. When it becomes cloudy, it is referred to as cataracts and begins to interfere with the quality of our vision.

Everyone at some point will develop cataracts with age. In fact, cataracts are the biggest eye health concern for Arizonan’s aged 40 and older, according to data gathered by Prevent Blindness America.

Cataracts can be the reason images become blurred, bright colors become dull, and seeing at night has become more difficult. It may also be the reason your glasses do not seem to help keep things in focus as well as they used to. As cataracts begins to develop over time, people tend to accept and adjust to the decline in their lifestyles.

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