Imaging the Retina at Barnet Dulaney Perkins Retina Center

The last 5 years have seen revolutionary changes in the imaging of the retina tissue located in the back of the human eye. The Macula is a tiny half millimeter [25 millimeters to one inch] area giving us the ability to see fine details, color vision, reading and the ability to drive. Many Retina diseases cause damage to this small critical area. Diabetes and macular degeneration are two common problems causing damage to the Macula. Using intravenous dyes in small amounts while taking photos of the Retina with a scanning laser camera allows us to see very small structures of the Macula. Resolution of 5 microns [1000 microns in a millimeter] is routinely possible with angiography, imaging the small capillaries in the Retina. Capillaries and abnormal vessels within or beneath the Macula are now visible. Once the damaged blood vessels are visualized the Retina physician can initiate therapy to save and even improve vision. We use the Heidelberg Engineering scanning laser camera to perform routine angiography on our patients. These cameras come from Heidelberg Germany, we have 6 of these sophisticated cameras. The cameras are the basis of one of the most advanced Retinal Imaging centers in the South West United States.

For more information on this revolutionary technology, please contact our office.

By: Dr. Brian Horsman MD, FRCS

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