What We Do

Over the last 40 years Barnet Dulaney Perkins Eye Center has become one of the largest Cataract, Retina and Glaucoma practices in the nation. As a member of our team you will join us as we provide state-of-the-art surgical and medical ophthalmology care throughout the state of Arizona. Not to mention you will have the opportunity to work in an environment that is considered a premier provider for vision correction options such as LASIK and the ICL Implantable Contact Lens.

While we know that our employees and our world-renowned medical staff are the primary reason that we have become who we are today, it is important for our candidates to understand the scope of services we provide to show why our patients have trusted us for over 40 years.

Technology does make a difference. For over 20 years we have consistently remained a world leader in introducing new technologies for all our eye care services.

  • LASIK: With 977 German Engineered Allegretto Wave Lasers throughout the world, we were the first to introduce this advanced technology to the United States. This is the only LASIK technology available that maintains the natural shape of your cornea and reduces risk of glare and halos.
  • ICL: Our ICL Experts proudly implant more ICLs than any other clinic in the world and have over 10 years experience with this procedure.
  • RETINA: We provide the newest and best vitreoretinal surgical instrumentation in the world, with the new Constellation vitrectomy instrument in all our valley surgical centers and the only Constellation instrument available for patients living in Northern Arizona.

As a world renowned research and educational facility we have participated in over 20 clinical trials leading to the approval of advanced technology and techniques for vision care. Our mission is to bring the greatest advancements to both our patients and to other surgeons throughout the world.

We offer total and complete eye care for each stage of life. From Cataract Surgery to LASIK to complex Retina Surgery and Glaucoma care, our doctors and surgeons are dedicated to providing each patient with a treatment plan that is customized to maintain visual health for years to come.

We built our reputation one patient at a time. Clickhere to listen to what our patients have to say about their personal experience.