Refractive Lens Exchange Consultation

Based on your self evaluation, you are likely a good candidate for our Refractive Lens Exchange procedure!

Lens replacement may be a great option for people age 40 and older who want to decrease their dependency on glasses or contacts. Lens Replacement surgery replaces your eye’s clear natural lens with an artificial advanced technology lens makes it possible to read better without the use of glasses or a magnifying glass, while still clearly seeing objects at a distance.

The choice for lens replacement surgery is an investment that can help you maintain your standard of living and enjoy good vision during every waking moment for the rest of your life.

How this procedure can help you:
  • Improved Vision
  • Eliminate or Significantly Reduce Your Need for Glasses or Contacts
  • Improve Your Quality of Life

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“I was able to read the newspaper without glasses and that was pretty amazing.”
-Edith Remaklus