Raindrop Consultation

Based on your self evaluation, you may be a good candidate for our Raindrop Near Vision Corneal Inlay procedure!
Our Raindrop Near Vision Corneal Inlay procedure is a long-term solution for Presbyopia, when the lens inside the eye becomes rigid and loses the ability to focus. Presbyopia causes difficulty when viewing objects up close or blurriness when reading. The Raindrop inlay is a tiny disk that reshapes the front of the eye and helps reduce near-sightedness and the need for reading glasses.
How this procedure can help you:
  • Improved Vision
  • Eliminate or Significantly Reduce Your Need for Glasses or Contacts
  • Improve Your Quality of Life
In the clinical trials that led to FDA approval of the raindrop, 98% of patients could read the newspaper, and 76% could read the standard text size of an email on their computer screen without reading glasses!
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“Its the most amazing thing ever and the best investment I ever made.”
-Shannael Miguel