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Barnet Dulaney Perkins Eye Center has 24 locations across Phoenix and throughout Arizona. Our ophthalmology clinics, surgery centers, and optical shops combine expert care with convenient service. 


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      How Do I Find Eye Doctors Near Me?

      Barnet Dulaney Perkins Eye Center has 24 locations across Arizona. Finding the one closest to you is simple: on our website, click on our Locations tab, choose to Use my Current Location, or put in your zip code, city, or state. Once you do this, a map and a list of the eye center locations closest to you are available. You can also choose the View All Locations option to see our listing.

      How Do I Learn More About Each Location?

      When you search for Locations Near You, you’ll get a list of the nearest locations. This list will include the phone number and address for each location. It will also tell you if that location is a clinic, a surgery center, or both and whether or not it has an on-site optical shop. For example, full-service eye centers like our Tucson 5th Street location include a treatment clinic, surgery center, and an on-site optical department where you can get eye exams, and shop for designer and prescription eyewear. In addition to the optical shop, Tuscon 5th street location is where you can find eye doctors, eyeglasses and contacts, and eye specialists near you.

      By clicking Location Details, you’ll go to a page that provides details for each site. On each location detail page, you can access hours of operation, which doctors work from that location and their specialties, the specialty services of the location, patient reviews, a map, and directions to the eye center.



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