How Do I Know I’m Eligible for LASIK?


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William Schiff, OD

“There’s about three areas we look at to know whether or not ­­you’re a good candidate for vision correction.  The first is your prescription, and that’s whether you’re myopic or nearsighted, farsighted, hyperopic, or astigmatism.  And how much of the refractive error you have.  How high of a prescription you have.”

“The second is the thickness of your cornea.  When we do vision correction like PRK or LASIK, we’re actually removing corneal tissue so we have to be sure you have enough cornea to begin with.”

“And the third is the shape of your corneal surface, so what we call the topography,  the curvature of your cornea.  Needs to be a particular curvature to have good result.”

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