Combining ICL with Laser (LASIK and/or LenSx) for Vision Correction

At Barnet Dulaney Perkins we have had the opportunity to use the ICL (Implantable collamer or contact lens) for 15 years having participated in the initial FDA trials for this vision correcting lens. We were impressed with the results of this initial study and have been implanting the lens ever since. It is a wonderful solution for patients who like the idea of the reversibility, speed of recovery of the lens. In addition, it is great to be able to offer this procedure to patients who may not be a candidate for laser vision correction.

There is a great overview of the ICL on our website

We were the first practice in Arizona to use the LenSx, a laser designed to reduce variability in cataract surgery. This laser automates certain steps of cataract surgery including reducing astigmatism and creating incisions thus improving outcomes. ( for more information on the LenSx

We saw the results and wanted to combine the advantages of using a laser for creating incisions and reducing astigmatism with the ICL procedure.

Since the toric ICL is not yet FDA approved in the United States, we have combined several techniques (limbal relaxing incisions and ICL or LASIK and ICL) to reduce astigmatism and completely correct the vision in patients who need it. By combining the LenSx with ICLs we are able to combine two great technologies to improve the visual outcome of the ICL surgery.

When undergoing LenSx ICL surgery, the patient undergoes two steps: in the first step the surgeon uses the laser to create the openings into the eye and decrease the astigmatism by creating partial thickness incisions. In the second step, the surgeon merely has to use the openings created by the laser to insert the ICL. Wounds are created more predictably and safely.

Since we have started using this approach we have been impressed with the visual outcomes we have achieved.

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