The Ultimate Vision Correction Surgery

What do Swiss precision, astigmatism and nearsightednesshave in common? If you know the answer to this, you have undoubtedly come across the STAAR Visian Toric ICL, which is an amazing advance in our quest for the ultimate vision correction surgery. The Toric ICL, or TICL, represents the single greatest leap in our ability to surgically correct myopia, or nearsightedness, and astigmatism, all in one step. Different from LASIK or other corneal laser procedures, the TICL provides a level of visual clarity best described as “High Definition,” similar to its sister lens, the Myopic ICL.

What role does Swiss precision play in the TICL? Nestled in the beautiful Alps, right in the heart of the Swiss watchmaking industry in Nidau, Switzerland, is the STAAR production facility, where the lens implants are painstakingly crafted. Using techniques that have been refined by decades of fine watchmaking expertise, each lens is meticulously crafted from collamer, STAAR Surgical’s proprietary biomaterial, into the life-changing wafer-thin implant that brings stunning high definition vision to the life of patients throughout the world.

While the Myopic ICL has received FDA approval, the Toric ICL is still under formal review by the agency. Estimates are that the TICL will soon receive approval, so please stay tuned as we will be the first to know!

Other interesting facts: Worldwide, in 2009 a patient has ICL surgery every 12 minutes (in 2008 it was every 20 minutes). Our practice is the leading implanter of the ICL in the country, and our patients love it!

For more information on the Myopic and Toric ICL, please feel free to call or email our office. More information is also available at goodeyes.local, or visit

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