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Based on your self evaluation, you may be a candidate for Advanced Cataract Surgery!

Today’s lens replacement patient demands excellent vision after surgery. Previous lens replacement surgery technologies provided only one focal point: distance, leaving people dependent upon reading glasses or bifocals. Recent advancements in multifocal technology now make it possible for you to read the words on prescription bottles, magazines, newspapers and computer screens without magnifying glasses or bifocals (even trifocals), while still clearly seeing objects at a distance.

Where a basic lens provides single focus distance vision, an advanced technology lens such as a multifocal or accommodating IOL, will be the best choice if you want to maximize your ability to focus at varying distances while minimizing your dependency on glasses.

How this procedure can help you:
  • Improve Your Quality of Life
  • Improved vision at various ranges – near through distance
  • Reduce your dependency on glasses
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-Terry Himes