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Cataract Guide

The Complete Guide to Cataract Treatment and Surgery

Everyone with sight is born with a clear lens that allows light to pass through, giving individuals the ability to see. As we begin to age that lens begins to yellow and harden, which causes a decrease in vision. When this lens becomes cloudy, it is referred to as a cataract.


This free guide is meant to help people who suspect or know they have cataracts to make decisions. You will learn:

  • How to determine if you need cataract surgery
  • How to identify your vision goals
  • All about cataract surgery laser advancements
  • Who will be involved in your care
  • What’s covered by insurance and what’s not

In addition, the guide details what’s involved in the cataract surgery recovery process, including anticipated recovery time, and potential side effects that might occur after surgery.

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Free Cataract Guide

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