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Lettie25yearsSm Lettie’s story starts 25 years ago and to hear her tell her story, she has had many unique opportunities at Barnet Dulaney Perkins Eye Center throughout the years. Lettie started as the Hispanic Program Coordinator, traveling around the state helping our doctors perform eye exams in a mobile unit. She then worked in the front office at our original Camelback office, performing various tasks including scheduling of patients and LASIK receptionist. Lettie’s story continues into anterior segment surgery, working every role throughout the years with exception of scrub technician. Lettie has done so much over the years for our company and has done so with a contagious smile and a very strong work ethic. She has gained the trust of our surgeons and staff and sets a great example everyday of what it means to provide quality patient care. Thank you Lettie for everything that you do!

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