Barnet Dulaney Perkins Eye Center is Proud to Announce Yet Another FDA Approved Technology Aimed at Improving Vision with Cataract Surgery

Barnet Dulaney Perkins Eye Center is proud to announce yet another FDA approved technology aimed at improving vision with cataract surgery. This new device is called O.R.A., Optiwave Refractive Analyzer.

ORA provides an analysis of your eye during cataract surgery that is not possible with conventional measurements and instruments. The technology works by directing an invisible beam of low intensity light into to eye during the cataract surgery. This light then reflects back from the eye and sensors within the ORA device analyze the eye’s unique optical characteristics. This information then allows our surgeons to choose the most accurate intraocular lens implant and more accurately correct astigmatism for every patient who chooses to use this technology.

Ideal candidates are patients who want the most accurate results, patients who choose advanced technology implants like multifocal ,accommodative and toric implants, patients who desire more accurate astigmatism corrections, patients with prior RK or LASIK and in conjunction with LenSx ( Laser Cataract Surgery).

We are currently the only eye center in Arizona to offer this to our patients. For more information about the ORA and what it can do for you please feel free to discuss this with our cataract refractive team.

• Affordable
• ORA analysis is used to optimize any cataract procedure regardless of the lens that you and your surgeon select.
• Your surgeon will receive an ORA analysis that will guide the correction of your eye to help ensure optimal outcomes
• If you have astigmatism, ORA may improve the accuracy of your correction to help reduce the chance that you will need eyeglasses after your cataract treatment.

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